Blackjack Winning Strategy

Blackjack Winning Strategy

In order to be a smart player you should know about some basic strategies such as when to split, just give up or Double down.

These strategies are give bellow-



If your first two cards are same ranked then you can make an extra bet.  You can play as if every card is beginning of a latest hand.   You can use this strategy when your starting hand has pairs. If you place equal bet in your next bet then the trader will know that you are opening your pairs.  Once you split pairs and you create an extra hand, the trader issues cards in each hand. This bet is good for you if you have paired middle cards (eights, sixes, sevens). It will be an awful bet if you have paired high cards (tens, nines).

Double Down:

You can use this blackjack strategy when you get an opening hand of 4-7 and also for total score of 11. You can place an extra bet under your cards, indicating to the trader that you want to double down.  The trader deals the following card diagonally to the card and this card is queen.  After that your total score will be 21. This bet is perfect when your starting hand’s total is eleven or ten and also the trader is presenting a weak up card (six, five or four).


By taking help of this option you can save half of your originals bet while lose the rest half.  You can do this by seeing the trader’s down card. As for example if you have total of 15 when the trader’s up card is a jack and if you hit then it is risk for you. According to blackjack strategy chart it is better for you to surrender and by this you can lose half of your bet and remove from losing total.


Generally, a trader offer the probability of making an “insurance” bet his up card is an ace. The amount of “insurance” is half of the total original bet.  If the starting bet of trader is natural then the player will win the insurance. When you have a “natural” then it is perfect time of insurance bet.  This bet give you surety that you can get even money that means ten dollar on a ten dollar bet rather than.

Expert Tips of Blackjack:

There are many blackjack tips that you can follow and some of vital tips are –

You should play in your bankroll. In order to impress anyone or make up you’re a tall roller you should not extend gambling money.


Memorize the fundamental strategy charts. By following the strategy chart you can make valuable decision timely. You will have to hold the game not only for the trader but also for the other players.

You should work with cool brain. You should always play gambling as a fun.  If you have spent too much and if you have anger to the dealer then step back and go for a walk and examine your strategies once more before jumping back to the pit.

You should tip the dealer. Tips are the source of income of the dealer.  You can place a small bet with the original bet for tip.

It will concern the trader that the 2nd bet is for him.  The trader will keep the tip after your lose. While tipping doesn’t control the cards, it may make the trader more considerate to your troubles at the time of you’re losing.

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